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Orihime opened the cutlery drawer, pulling out spoons and forks. She smiled as she felt a tug at her pant leg. "Yes, Maiko-chan?"

Maiko looked up at Orihime, her caramel eyes blinking innocently. "What happened to Daddy?" Pointing a tiny finger at Ichigo's lifeless body, Maiko tilted her head curiously. "Is he ok?"

Orihime grinned. *Just like her father. Always worrying about others' welfare.* She thought to herself. Orihime got down on her knees awkwardly, due to the extra weight in her frontside. Putting a hand on Maiko's small shoulder's, the delicate woman kissed her daughter's cheek lightly. "He's fine, Maiko-chan. Daddy might do that every once in a while, but it's okay." *Can she not see spirits?* Orihime fretted to herself. *No, impossible. Strawberry-kun and I both can see souls. She might just be too young to actually process it...* Shaking her worries away, Orihime handed Maiko the silverware. "Wanna help Mommy put the forks on the table? We're going to have guests!"

Maiko grabbed the forks out of Orihime's hand eagerly. "Ok, Mommy-chan!" Turning, she raced to the dining room.

Orihime pursued Maiko. "Maiko-chan! Slow down!" Orihime puffed, her stomach slowing her down. Maiko turned to face her mother, a huge smile on her young face. "Thank you!" She looks exactly like Ichi-kun Orihime's heart, generous and huge, seemed to grow at seeing her daughter everyday.

Maiko gently placed the forks on the table. After Orihime placed the spoons on the table, Maiko started to hug Orihime's waist. Kissing Orihime's tummy, Maiko looked up at Orihime. "When will my baby sister come?"

Orihime ruffled Maiko's orange hair. "In about five months, sweetheart. And don't assume that it's a little girl! You could have a little brother!" Ichi-kun and I should schedule our ultrasound soon, Orihime thought, eager to learn the sex of her second child.

Maiko placed her hands on her hips. "I know it's a baby sister," she said, stubbornly. "Daddy said he'd love another baby girl!"

Orihime giggled. "Daddy may want a baby girl, but we'll just have to find out!" Standing up, she turned and looked out the window. Spotting carrot-colored hair, she knew her husband, along with her close friends, were near. *I miss Tatsuki-chan...* Orihime sighed, wishing her supportive friend were here with her.
This is Chapter 2 of my fanfic! Enjoy!

Again, you can find this on

Do not use without my permission for comics!

Everything except Maiko is copyrighted to Tite Kubo
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jylener22 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Hmm...where is Tatsuki? And can Maiko really see spirits? Very good questions to start your story with so that the reader will have to read on to know the answers. Nicely done! =D
mzjay1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
yeah more chapters
AngelusAmy Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Aw I love their Daughter
smd0698 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maiko is so much fun to write! ^=^ She's so innocent
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